Green Thumb Gala COVID Feedback

Obviously this has been a strange year, so for our annual Green Thumb Gala, we are trying something new. Below is an explanation of what we are currently planning to do to keep this event safe and fun for everyone fun. As a former attendee or just a friend of the Garden, we would cherish your feedback and input in the form below.

A proposed layout for the 2020 Green Thumb Gala

Gala: Social Distancing Edition!

Instead of the traditional single dinner tent, we are planning to have at least 4 separate areas spread around the Garden. As seen in the map above, the lawn across from the Visitor’s Center will host 3 separate tents, with no more than 40 people per tent. The VIP area will be in the Dogwood Center with a maximum of 50 people.
In each of these areas, there will be a live feed of each of the other areas aired on a large TV screen, so all the areas can view each other.

In addition, there will be a live auction, but not a silent auction to cut down on people mingling.

Face masks will at least be encouraged, possibly mandatory, depending on current local and national guidelines at the time of the event.

This is obviously a critical time for the Gardens and we need your support. Let us know what you think below!

Obviously we are not asking you to commit to anything by filling this out, we just want to know what you think!



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