Center for Urban Agriculture


We’re here to help you grow food for yourself and others. Started in 2013, KBGA’s Center for Urban Agriculture (CUA) was created to equip and educate local communities for cultivating healthy produce and sustainable lifestyles. Our five garden zones are designed to engage gardeners of any age or experience level, from early-childhood learning to large-scale market gardening.

Together with the rest of the KBGA’s grounds, we strive to be a place of beauty and rest where you can participate with nature – an urban haven where you can take a scenic walk and get dirt under your fingernails. For local residents, we provide access to fresh and healthy food through land-use, education and on-site produce sales.

Garden features include the “Every Child Outdoors” Youth Vegetable Garden, Family Garden for the community, Market Garden for local farmers, World Garden featuring our Burundi neighbors, Permaculture Garden, Urban Chicken Demonstration, orchards, and more!  The fresh fruits and veggies that visitors see are either grown by community gardeners in the Family Garden and World Garden, by farmers in the Market Garden, or for programs and events, or for donation to local food pantries.

If you’re interested in participating, as a gardener or volunteer, we’d love your help!  Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you through email.




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