What’s in a Name?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

      Toad Lily? Although its name is certainly less than inspiring, bringing to mind images of slimy (read yucky) amphibians, this perennial is anything but slimy and yucky. This little perennial has been waiting all summer long to show the world what it has to offer your garden – delicate offerings of miniature, orchid-like flowers blooming in shades of white to speckled pink.

                                      photo 4-7photo 1-16

     On the whole, the genus Tricyrtis is a low maintenance group, and we’ve found it to be very hardy in the KBGA gardens. It loves the moist, deep shade of the Martha Ashe and Danae gardens, and has required little “babying” on our parts – we’ve only had to stand back and admire the blooms!

      There are numerous species out there, especially as the Toad Lily gains ground in the popularity category, but the most common for around East Tennessee (as well as the species pictured along with this blog) would probably be Tricyrtis hirta. This species will typically reach a height of around 12 – 24”.

So. Don’t let the name fool you – this hardy perennial is a beauty!

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